Texas Gulf Coast  left, is an 3.5" x 3.5" etching that is included in the 2023 International Print Exchange, in Derbyshire in the UK. Out on a Limb, right, is one of my current prints inspired by the 'ying-yang' design. 

I use copper plates for the intaglio prints, wood for the relief prints, and silkscreen for the serigraph prints. Often I mix the mediums to create layers of imagrey. 

To the right is  a photo of my copper plate intaglio in process on the press bed. Using a multi-stage process of creating a variety of shades, the finished plate is coated with ink, covered with a heavy weight paper that has been soaked in water, then ran through the press. The pressure of the roller pushed the paper surface into the plate - transferring the ink onto the paper. The plate can be wiped clean and the whole process can be repeated to create an edition of prints. 

​Prices range from $50 to $250 - contact me for details:


Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by​ printing, normally on paper, but also on fabric, wood, metal, and other surfaces. "Traditional printmaking" normally covers only the process of creating prints using a hand processed technique, rather than a photographic reproduction of a visual artwork which would be printed using an electronic machine (a printer).