For those of you who are not familiar with printmaking let me give you a brief overview (click for more details): fine art printmaking involves the creation of a master plate from which multiple images are made. Simply put, the artist chooses a surface to be the plate. I use metal (copper), wood (for relief), stretched screens (for serigraphy), mat board (for collagraph), and gelatin (for monotype) . Printmaking allows the artist to make multiple original works of art called an 'edition'.

In 2020 Carol Hayman and I have a two

woman show at the following location:

The Brick Oven on 35th Street      

Alternate Views     

Opening reception Sunday Feb 2, 1-3:pm

Lindsey Taucher (L) visited the exhibit at the ABI airport and sent this snapshot in front of two of my prints during PrintAustin 2020.