*yes, international! My ORIGINAL prints can been found in countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Spain and the U.K.

Theresa Bond


email me for more information: austinartist@hotmail.com

Find me on Instagram @bondartist

Check out my activist work at guerrillaheart.com

Examples of my work: acrylic on canvas, assemblage, etching, monotype and serigraphy

ARTIST STATEMENT: The natural world is my muse. My experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, and citizen of the world, influence my work. The concerns of our environment, man’s impact on his surroundings, and the future of the planet influence my subject choices. There is beauty in small moments; my goal is to capture the essence of those moments. ​​

Originally from Brazoria County, Texas, I moved from Houston to Austin in 1992. After attending 5 different colleges over a 23-year period I managed to complete a degree in Studio Art  in 2004, and completed a second bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2006, both from the University of Texas at Austin. 

My husband and I live in Central Austin with our granddaughter and one energetic rescued mutt. 

 My art is inspired by nature, such as

the owls who nest in our backyard:

Mimi (L) and Edgar (R)

I have 4 etchings on display

​at the Howson Branch of the

Austin Public Library located at 
2500 Exposition Blvd. 

until June 29th.