"Creative Engagement for People Living with

Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Disorders"

Since 2005 I have been working with adults living with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders. I began taking art supplies into nursing homes, and through word of mouth, I was asked to visit Alzheimer’s respite programs in my community. I have a collection of art activities designed to engage people in creative projects, I have developed these activities myself and would like to share them with caregivers and respite program staff so that they can use them with their populations.

When a person has lost their ability to communicate verbally art allows them to express themselves through color and composition. I believe everyone is an artists, we just need to be patient and guide them through the process. The projects are not intimidating, and my illustrated instructions are easy to follow. I have written two sets of instructions for each of the 10 projects: detailed steps for the facilitator and another simplified page for the participant.  Plus, I have included tips from the Alzheimer’s Foundation on how to communicate successfully during the process.

The "Creative Engagement for People Living with Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Disorders"  workbook is spiral bound for ease of use, contains 37 pages of color images with a total of 60 pages.  

Price: $18.00 plus $3 shipping (1st class)    To purchase send $21 via PayPal to: austinartist@hotmail.com

- sample pages & covers shown below -