therea bond: artist living in Austin, Texas

I have donated my time to raise money for various pet themed fundraising efforts, these are a few of the acrylic paintings I've donated. ‚Äč

The Art Angels shown below can be worn as lapel pins, displayed as ornaments, and used as a decorative magnets. Each is unique, made from collage materials found in art history books, dictionary pages, wood base, acrylic paint, and 3-D embellishments. 
They are $15 each plus $3 shipping. 

I have been primarily a printmaker for the past 10 years but recently, in 2019, began to mix collage with paint on canvas; I also work on paper with watercolor, pastels, and charcoal.  I enjoy mixing various mediums to create visually interesting works of art. My inspiration comes from the works of artists such as Romare BeardenLouise BourgeoisMarc ChagallJoseph Cornell, and Inez Storer. I encourage you to explore the work of each artists so that they may inspire you as well!